Beautiful Bouquets….how to get them and how to afford them-Dunhill Tuxedos Bridal Blog

July 30, 2009

Every girl loves getting flowers and they should be extra special flowers for the wedding day. The bouquet is one of the main elements of your wedding since it is something that is photographed again and again. It should reflect the atmosphere of the wedding as well as the couple themselves. Here’s some thought about the needs to know, selection of the flowers, and little extras. read more...

Reception Food for Thought…-Dunhill Tuxedos Bridal Blog

July 23, 2009

The day of the wedding, your guests may notice your perfectly planned favors and adore the ongoing theme throughout the day. Remember though, that your guests all actively participate in dinner so what they’re really going to remember is the food. While your dinner may be the delicious norm of a salad/ entrée /dessert or served family style, you can always find fun and unique ways to make the night extra special with some fun and exciting food bars, buffets, and special treats. Once again, we’ve saved you precious wedding planning time and done the work for you. Check out what we came up with. read more...

A calm bride is a pretty bride…wedding de-stressers and money savers-Dunhill Tuxedos Bridal Blog

July 15, 2009

An appointment here, a tasting there, make decision after decision, pay balance after balance. Pretty much your life right now? Well there needs to be a little fun and relaxation in there for you! Here are some simple suggestions to give you the peace of mind you’re looking for when it just isn’t going as it should. If you just had a rough day and need some fresh ideas for relaxing, you have stumbled in the right place.

Budget stress savers

Our favorite wedding site-ings…-Dunhill Tuxedos Bridal Blog

July 9, 2009

When planning your wedding, the internet at your fingertips is a huge help.  It’s finding what is going to be the best and most helpful website that is the hard part.  From budgets, to honeymoons and simple planning ideas, we have selected our favorite wedding websites to help you get to that big day. read more...

The list that keeps on going….how to know who should make the guest list-Dunhill Tuxedos Bridal Blog

July 1, 2009

Well they invited me to their wedding…If I invite this person, then I have to invite that person….my parents just gave me 40 more names… read more...