Out of Towners Etiquette-Dunhill Tuxedos Bridal Blog

November 25, 2009

A wedding is a celebration of you, your family, friends and the joining your lives together.  Even though the main celebration is you and your new hubby, why not take extra effort to show your friends and family your appreciation of love, friendship and support throughout the years.  Your guests that have come from all points of the country and maybe even the world.  They have put time, money and love to come to your wedding.  Here are some examples of wedding out of towner etiquette and ideas to show how thankful you are to them. read more...

Find the real you in your wedding day – Dunhill Tuxedos Bridal Blog

November 20, 2009

Tradition is nice, celebrating you as a couple is better.  Even for the most traditional brides, keep your something borrowed, blue, new and old and use your imagination to choose elements that are really going to make your wedding unique and special.  Remember, you want this to be a celebration of you and your groom.  Take time in your planning to really explore yourselves as a couple.  Don’t be afraid to include and share things that honor loved ones, favorites, heritages and just things that really make you smile with your guests. The following are some suggestions we have come up with to make the details in your wedding celebrate you. read more...

Keep the Dancefloor Going…Reception Music-Dunhill Tuxedos Bridal Blog

November 11, 2009

Working in the wedding business, we all seem to pay a little bit more attention to the detail at weddings.  We all know the recipe for reception failure…bad music.  Whether it’s the DJ who never gets off the microphone or the dead dance floor, our office has done some fine research to collect suggestions for your play list. read more...