Our Favorite Guest Book Ideas…Dunhill Tuxedos Bridal Blog

September 30, 2010

A guest book is a wedding tradition that allows your guests to sign in with their name and lets you keep track of their addresses for thank-yous and evermore.  In a wedding industry where nothing is the limit, there are now tons of things that can transform into a fun guest book.  Little details that represent you, and make your guests talk about your wedding for years to come… read more...

Splurging and spoiling yourself on your wedding day…A must read for brides

September 15, 2010

As you might be finding out…wedding planning can get a little stressful.  You keep hearing that this day is all about you, but you have a lot of people pleasing to do along the way. That can be where a lot of  stress arises.  We hear a lot of brides say that they wish their day was here already.  Take some time for yourself before the wedding and do something for you.  This will prepare and get you excited (the good, stress free kind of excited) for the day to be here.  It’s your day to feel spectacular, so do something that makes you feel pretty before your wedding….dare we say, even spoil yourself a little? read more...

Do yourself a favor…read this for ideas and inspiration on wedding favors-Dunhill Tuxedos Bridal Blog

September 8, 2010

Somewhere throughout the time of wedding planning, the tradition of favors started as a way to say thank you for attending the wedding. Family and friends have taken days off work, and out of town guests that have made travel plans.  A nice thank-you for making the trip, the day, and their expenses paid is always nice. Why not get creative in fun little ways to give everyone a little gift to say thank you for sharing our special day with us?  Here are our ideas and inspiration to help you say thanks to your loved ones. read more...