Taking table numbers, escort cards and sign in tables to a whole new level-Dunhill Tuxedos Bridal Blog

December 2, 2010

Tradition is always nice to include into your wedding, but even better is the element of fun.  The visual set-ups at the reception make some of the most enjoyable essentials to choose during your wedding planning process.  Forget the common tented place cards or the boring plastic table numbers- and step it up as the wedding world is beginning to take all of those things to a whole new level…and don’t worry our budget conscious brides…this includes you too! Check out our picks of the most fun table numbers, escort card and sign in tables ideas that are guaranteed to make your guests remember the details of your big day! read more...

Sticking to the budget can actually be easy with these creative tips-Dunhill Tuxedos Bridal Blog

November 24, 2010

In April of 2011,  Prince William and Kate Middleton’s wedding  was reported to cost an estimated 40 million dollars, that doesn’t mean that every wedding thrown has to match their budget to be absolutely beautiful.  Take note while we go through simple tips and creative ways to save for your wedding. read more...

Splurging and spoiling yourself on your wedding day…A must read for brides

September 15, 2010

As you might be finding out…wedding planning can get a little stressful.  You keep hearing that this day is all about you, but you have a lot of people pleasing to do along the way. That can be where a lot of  stress arises.  We hear a lot of brides say that they wish their day was here already.  Take some time for yourself before the wedding and do something for you.  This will prepare and get you excited (the good, stress free kind of excited) for the day to be here.  It’s your day to feel spectacular, so do something that makes you feel pretty before your wedding….dare we say, even spoil yourself a little? read more...

How do I know which tuxedo is best for my wedding party?-Dunhill Tuxedos Bridal Blog

December 9, 2009

Tuxedos are not exactly day to day wear for most people, well unless you are a modern day Bond.  For those people out there that are not actually to “Bond status” yet, all tuxedos might look the same to you.  Let’s take a little lesson in tuxedo 101 before you step into our store fronts and make the choice of what tuxedo is going to make your wedding party look picture perfect. read more...

Top off your tables…fun ideas for the table numbers-Dunhill Tuxedos Bridal Blog

September 28, 2009

Your wedding reception is the ultimate party thrown in your own honor to celebrate you as a recently married couple.  While the food should be good and the music should keep everybody dancing, there are still the special little details that can make your wedding reception outstanding.  The place cards direct your guests where they are seated and the table numbers on the table let guests know which table is reserved for them.  Most reception halls supply table numbers with the venue, but you also have the choice of adding your own special touch.   Here are some ideas for fun and unique table numbers. They make for a good conversation piece for guests and are also a way to keep  your guests mingling from table to table. read more...

Beautiful Bouquets….how to get them and how to afford them-Dunhill Tuxedos Bridal Blog

July 30, 2009

Every girl loves getting flowers and they should be extra special flowers for the wedding day. The bouquet is one of the main elements of your wedding since it is something that is photographed again and again. It should reflect the atmosphere of the wedding as well as the couple themselves. Here’s some thought about the needs to know, selection of the flowers, and little extras. read more...

A calm bride is a pretty bride…wedding de-stressers and money savers-Dunhill Tuxedos Bridal Blog

July 15, 2009

An appointment here, a tasting there, make decision after decision, pay balance after balance. Pretty much your life right now? Well there needs to be a little fun and relaxation in there for you! Here are some simple suggestions to give you the peace of mind you’re looking for when it just isn’t going as it should. If you just had a rough day and need some fresh ideas for relaxing, you have stumbled in the right place.

Budget stress savers