Hidden Secrets to your Wedding Reception that will help you save-Dunhill Tuxedos Bridal Blog

December 3, 2009

We all have our dream weddings in mind, and then our budget gets written out and that means it is time to get creative.  We have assembled some hidden secrets of wedding planning that might help inspire  your creativity to help you save money in your Reception budget, still having your very own dream wedding.  Some sacrifices might have to be made, but we have broken down our ideas in categories of: location, wedding date, grand exit and little details.  Go ahead and see if some of these can apply to your big day, as well as your checkbook…. read more...

Beautiful Bouquets….how to get them and how to afford them-Dunhill Tuxedos Bridal Blog

July 30, 2009

Every girl loves getting flowers and they should be extra special flowers for the wedding day. The bouquet is one of the main elements of your wedding since it is something that is photographed again and again. It should reflect the atmosphere of the wedding as well as the couple themselves. Here’s some thought about the needs to know, selection of the flowers, and little extras. read more...